Becoming Daddy

30 Aug


On Thursday August 7th 2014, my life was changed forever with the birth of my daughter Violet.

Violet was born at 3:30AM on Thursday VIA a C-Section. During her first few hours of life Violet had what the hospital calls a “spell” which basically means she stopped breathing in her sleep, and for the first time ever, I felt what every parent feels when something scary happens to their child.

I put on a brave face for everyone, but inside I was terrified of what could possibly happen to her when these “spells” occurred.

In the end, our little Violet was just fine and has been home with us for a couple of weeks now. She’s had two follow up appointments with my family doctor and is doing very well.

I’m really enjoying being a daddy and watching my little girl grow bigger and stronger every day! She’s the best thing I’ve ever played a part in creating in my life and she could not be more perfect if she tried!

Our friends and family have been amazing and incredibly supportive! We love you all!

2 Replies to “Becoming Daddy

  1. We knew you were trying to put on a brave front!! Olivier your not! She is a beautiful little girl and let’s be honest she is lucky to have you for a dad. That is until she hits her teens and boys start to come calling!!

    • Let’s be honest even when boys break her heart, she’ll still be lucky to have me there 🙂

      She’s gorgeous and we absolutely love her to pieces <3

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