Thoughts on Blackberry Z10 (So Far)

8 Feb

Z10Monday the Blackberry Z10 launched here in Canada, and I picked up the one I pre-ordered.

I powered it on, got it set up, and was instantly in love with the Blackberry 10 user interface!

I thoroughly enjoyed playing with the new UI and toying with all of the new gestures and features. This is what Blackberry was supposed to be all those years ago!

I don’t have a lot to comment on at the moment, as I have only had a few days to get to know the Blackberry Z10. I do find the battery life to be rather short, but I am hoping it’s simply an issue with a new battery needing to be cycled a few times.

Nothing But Disappointment

3 Feb

I wrote a post about how excited I was for Blackberry 10. Well I now have to retract what I said, because after watching their “Global Launch” and reading / watching reviews, I am more than disappointed.<br><br>

RIM hasn’t changed at all! They are the exact same company churning out products for the corporate world and completely ignoring the consumer sector.

Couple the above with launching yet ANOTHER platform that still has little to no developer support or confidence. Novody wants to put their blood sweat and tears into an application for a couple thousand users. They want the potential for millions of users, and Blackberry 10 doesn’t have those numbers.

What RIM fails to understand is that he masses are consumers. Not puffed up corporate types! Do you think that some geriatric executive’s nephew or son is interested in the new device their “work” supplied them with?

I’m sorry, but Research in Motion / Blackberry is dead to me now.

No Frills

3 Feb

I think people are starting to notice just how simple this new blog of mine is. There’s no user registration, no comment section, no links all over the place, just pure content!

I don’t think people understand just how time consuming owning a blog can be when the internet is so heavily populated with spam bots raging war on every part of your web site imaginable.

Fortunately for this blog I don’t really need a comments section or links /ads for a couple of reasons.

  • I don’t have a lot of active commenters
  • The content is generally FYI and not really debateable
  • I own the server, domain name, and hosting company

Really this is a place for me to vent frustrations, offer up helpful information, and talk about things I am passionate about.

I may actually build this teeny tiny blog into something more simply out of boredom but for the time being, I am simply overjoyed to not have 20 spam comments an hour to deal with and the simplicity of this blog makes me happy!

Blackberry 10 Launch

3 Feb

This week marks the launch of the new Blackberry 10 device. Needless to say I am excited to check it out, however I have my reservations about the new device.

Research in Motion is a company that once held my heart for producing a device that you could actually do more than simply email on. Then the magic dissipated and I became increasingly disappointed with their mobile device offerings. They continuously spit out the exact same devices with a minor spec bump and called them new products.

As you can see from the above I am torn between loving the idea of a new Research in Motion device but I am also paranoid that they are simply going to come out with something less than desirable and I will be sad all over again.

I hope for RIM’s sake that they manage to pull an awesome new trick out of their hat and completely WOW me!

I suppose we will know in a few days time.

Small Blog Format

3 Feb

This blog was always a place where I would post quick thoughts and maybe tutorials on how to build a blog, how to muck around with WordPress or how to set up different kinds of servers.

This place will still be home to all of that, however the format will also allow for me to post shorter little posts with quick thoughts.

I am really enjoying experimenting with new web site systems. Going forward from today on I want to begin to write more about writing code, and help teach others how to code.

I look forward to writing another post for anyone who reads this blog soon!