The Nexus Player

29 Dec

Nexus-PlayerThis Christmas my wife got me on of the most awesome gifts I could have asked for the Nexus Player by Asus and Google.

The Nexus Player is the second attempt by Google at a set-top box that offers media streaming similar to the Apple TV, Roku and others.

The first thing I did was install Kodi (Xbox Media Center) on the Nexus Player so that I could have access to a much broader range of media at my disposal. I followed the instructions posted on the Kodi Wiki here. It was super simple and now this little box is incredible!

The Nexus Player is now and all in one device that offers far more than our Apple TV ever did. We get Google Play Movies, Kodi (Movies, TV, Music, Apps), Google Play Gaming, Netflix, and a lot more.

So far I think it’s a really great device for $110!