Cineplex VIP Experience

7 Jul

This past weekend myself and a friend decided to give the Cineplex VIP theatres a try, as we had been hearing a lot about them but didn’t know what all to expect.

Our film of choice to test drive this experience? How could it be any other than Terminator: Genisys?! In this post I’ll talk about what was good, what needs work, and what was bad (spoiler: Nothing bad to say.)

Let me first start by explaining that myself and my friend Mike were a little late off the hop. The movie was to start at 1:00 PM and we arrived in our seats at 12:55 PM. We got there by the skin of our teeth and didn’t even think we would get to experience the full VIP scene. We were wrong.

Ordering Food

With precious minutes to spare, Mike and I perused the menu and found what we found to be some suitable noms for the film we were about to take in. We decided, flagged a waitress and put in our order.

The waitress was friendly and helpful and fast. Within a few minutes, our food and drink was brought to our seats well before the movie started. (Bear in mind we were there 6 minutes before show time.)

The Seating

The VIP experience lets you pick out your seats and being that Mike ordered the tickets, we sat in the back row of the theatre. The seats are super comfortable, and are so well spaced that there is plenty of leg room. I’m 6 foot tall and still had a good 3 feet or so in front of me.

The seats are also adjustable so you can recline a little if you like. They don’t fully recline, but they do recline far enough to get into a nice comfy position and the middle arm rest can be lifted if you’re in more of a cuddling mood. Mike and I were not in the cuddling mood…. lol!

The Parking

Here’s the only thing I think needs improving. The signage for the VIP theatres once you get into the underground parking isn’t great. It’s there but there’s really no obvious way of finding the entrance. What’s worse is once you do find the elevator to go up to the main floor, you’re not actually in the theatre you’re in a weird side hallway where you need to exit the building, walk around the corner, and then enter the theatre.

What I did like about the parking was the lighting. Spaces that are free are indicated on the ceiling of the parking lot with a green light. Spaces that have a vehicle in them are indicated by a red light which makes it super easy to find a spot.


The experience was fantastic! I was comfortable, fed, and entertained which is why I go to the movies. This is definitely the way I want to see movies going forward. Well done Cineplex! Well done.