Con Autograph Insanity

25 Aug

Next week I will be attending FanExpo thanks to a very generous offer from a good friend.


While doing some research as to possible people I would like to try and meet / have a photo with / get an autograph from, I was taking a look at the pricing set to partake in these types of activities with celebrities. It always sort of made me curious as to how these fees are set and used. We all know that celebrities don’t really need the money from a signature or a photo, so where does it go and who sets these prices?!?!

Let me give you some examples as to what it would cost to see a few people from one of my all time favorite movies The Boondock Saints.

Sean Patrick Flannery

Photo: $55 | Autograph: $40

David Della Rocco

Photo: $45 | Autograph: $25

Norman Reedus

Photo: $115 | Autograph: $90

This equates to $370 to do individual autographs and photos. Now lets take a look if we take advantage of the Boondock Team-up Photo. All 3 celebrities in one photo at $195.

Then add the autographs. $350!

So even if you try and save money doing a group photo, you only save $20!!!

Now add on the $25-$120 you spent on a ticket for either 1 day or all 4 and you can easily see that you’re spending something like $500 on a weekend.

To me this seems like a bit much. I’m a massive fan of the Boondock Saints. I’ve watched both movies more times that I can count, I’ve been to meet Flanery and Reedus, I’ve bought all kinds of merch, but this is way too much to spend. It’s really a shame because there are fans of all financial situations and some won’t get the opportunity to see people they love on screen simply because the prices are insane.


I love these guys! Great people to meet and say hello to. However I think the pricing is unfair this time around.

To be fair to Norman Reedus, the photo with this post didn’t cost me anything. When I went up to have him sign my Brothers rosary, he asked me if I had a camera. When I showed him my phone, he took it and took this photo 🙂

I’m not mad. Just disappointed.