Dad Would Be Jealous

25 Apr

This morning I received the tweet below from PokerStars’ twitter account:

After emailing back and forth with Tom (PokerStars Rep) he told me a little bit about PokerStars touch, which is a programme aimed at new / novice poker players to help them learn how to play the game properly from the community as well as the likes of seasoned pros such as Daniel Negranu. Obviously I’m floored that I was invited to participate in this programme, and am looking forward to the first event in the programme which I am told is to be happening on the 4th of May.

If you’d like to apply to get involved in this programme, PokerStars still has registration open here.

Anyone who knows me knows that my father was a huge poker fan and loved the game! Now I get the opportunity to learn how to play like a pro, and possibly even attend an EPT event?! It’s really an honor to be invited into a programme like this and I will try to make dad proud!