EndOffice Dedicated Servers and Colocation

9 Feb

I’ve been known to browse around WebHosting talk looking for dedicated server deals when I came across a physical location that I rarely see on offer from any form of provider.

I worked as quickly as I could to snag one of these servers but a few things struck me as odd that I am hoping is resolved in the near future.

  • No ordering system. You have to email them to get set up.
  • No billing system. I was simply sent a paypal money request.
  • Single Homed Cogent Connectivity (New carrier incoming next month).

Aside from the above mentioned issues, I have had nothing but a joy ordering from EndOffice. Their staff are super responsive at all hours of the day, and really do whatever they can to get a customer online and happy.

My only real concern is this company up and disappearing in a short period of time, however you take that risk with quite a few providers so it’s really something you just have to be prepared for.

Here’s the benchmark from the server I purchased:


Still not a bad deal assuming the service sticks around! This box is $29 per month with a 20 megabit unmetered connection or for an extra $10 you can go to 10TB over gigabit.

Again still a pretty good deal if you’re OK with Cogent.