Good Bye 2014, Welcome 2015!!

1 Jan

Violet Flipping Daddy the BirdLast night my wife, my brother in law, and his girlfriend rang in the new year while taking part in one of the most frustrating games in the world, Mario Party. It was an absolute blast just taking it easy and hanging out. As I sat and spent time with my family I knew I wanted to reflect on 2014 and write down some thoughts.

2014 was an absolutely incredible year! I spent the last year at work developing an application that I am quite proud of, Jenn and I welcomed baby Violet into our lives, and my hosting business has grown more than it ever has over previous years. The last year was an insane ride, and I am truly looking forward to 2015 being even more incredible!

Thank you to everyone who made 2014 such an amazing experience! I can’t wait to spend 2015 finding ways to make it even better than 2014!