Google Pixel: A Few Days

24 Oct

On Friday my Google Pixel arrived at my office around 2:30, so I’ve really only had it for a few days and can’t pass a lot of judgement on it. I can however say a few things that are quite impressive so far.

  • Battery life is impressive. Over the weekend I was able to take the device off the charger at 4AM and get a full days use 4AM to 11PM and still had 30% remaining on the battery.
  • Unlimited storage. This is tied to the device and not the google account itself. Anything uploaded from your Pixel does not count towards your storage allowance.
  • Look & Feel. This phone looks and feels like an iPhone. A few of my coworkers made the same comment about the look & feel. It feels premium and has a great weight to it.
  • Updating & Installing Apps. This phone is fast, and I mean FAST! Installing and updating apps on first boot took two minutes or so. Fastest I’ve ever seen it get done.

These are just my initial feelings about this phone. I’ll write a proper review with camera samples and whatnot when I’ve had more time to play with it. Right now, I’m really liking it!