How I Got Into Coding

16 Jan

A lot of people have asked me about how I got into coding and I don’t think I’ve ever told the story before on this little blog of mine.

Growing up I was really into skateboarding and to be honest I never really even looked at a computer. That’s when I met Chris Panagapko. Chris was the one to get me stoked on computers and learning all kinds of really cool shit!

Chris and I used to play a lot of Counter-Strike together and we decided to try and get a server up and off the ground. Chris at that time already knew quite a bit about VMware Workstation and so we set up a Windows server and installed the Counter-Strike dedicated server software on it. Chris was one of those lucky few who had a static IP at home, so we were able to run the server out of his parents basement.

We spent a lot of time in that basement messing with servers and virtualization. It was a lot of fun for a couple of nerdy kids growing up. Eventually we started a Counter-Strike clan aptly named cNc (ChrisNet Clan) which was appropriate at that time but now just makes me laugh! It was a lot of fun and again I learned some awesome shit because of it.

We wanted a web site for the clan so Chris introduced me to Microsoft Frontpage to get the job done. I remember spending hours and hours messing around with code and looking at the live preview pane hoping what I had done would work. I started to learn the basics of HTML and CSS and once I had mastered that, I really wanted to learn how to process data through a web site.

Enter PHP

I had toyed around with a lot of different premade PHP systems like E107, PHPBB, and eventually WordPress, but I wanted to write custom software. Stuff for a purpose that I could define and then write code for.

I found PHP to be one of the easiest languages to pick up because the syntax is super simple and it is very fault tolerant. It just worked for me.

Eventually I made it up in my head that this is what I wanted to do with my life. Create applications for people to use on the web. I invested a lot of time away from friends and parties to learn how to do this sort of stuff, then I went to college to learn all the fundamentals that you don’t really get when you learn on your own (or maybe some people do?).

In the end I owe my entire beginnings and career to Chris. He was someone who loved this stuff and simply shared a small chunk of his passion with me. That’s how I got into coding.

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