Incredible Customer Service

14 Jan

Anyone that knows me has heard me talk at length about how terrible some companies can be when it comes to customer service. Some businesses grow so big and make so much money that they forget the people that are buying their stuff are the ones who are helping them grow and flourish. Delta Faucet Canada is no such company.

A couple of weeks ago our shower head broke, so I took a trip to Home Depot and found what I thought to be a very cool replacement called the Delta Temp20 shower head. Not only did it look good, it showed us how hot or cold the water was in numbers and in colors which is entirely powered by the water already flowing through the head.

“How cool!” I thought to myself. I couldn’t wait to get it home and installed! WIthin a few minutes I had it connected to our shower and working perfectly.

Within a day or so my wife noticed that there was water leaking out through the button used to change pressure settings. This was unfortunate but we just assumed because it was a shower head that this was normal. Within a couple more days, the button ceased to function.

That’s when I posted the following tweet:

Delta Faucet Canada responded within 5 minutes of my tweet which if you take a look was at 7PM EST! I was absolutely floored!

The following morning Jason from Delta was in touch to get my shipping information for the replacement head, and we even talked about our babies which I thought was a very cool personal touch.


What happened next blew my mind! The day after providing my information, a brand new faucet showed up at my home and we installed in that night. My wife took it for a test shower and it was just as amazing as we thought it would be!

We were completely happy, and the process was as painless as it could have possibly been. Delta Faucet Canada had earned a customer for life as you’ll see from my previous two posts.

Today a package arrived from Delta which confused me at first. I had received my replacement part and was not expecting anything further from Delta.

The package included a super personal note from Jason at Delta and a couple of little gifts for myself and my kids. This goes above and beyond good customer service, and made me feel more like a family friend than a customer.

Delta Faucet Canada’s customer service game is on point, and I could not be more thankful for everything they’ve done to help out with the minor problem we had with a product!

Thank you to Jason and everyone on the Delta Faucet Canada team! You’ve made my week!