Lenovo Yoga 2

15 Mar

It’s been a while that I’ve been on the search for a multi-purpose Windows laptop that was compact but still offered a nice set of features and was reasonably priced, and when I say a while I mean a while! I’ve been trying to find a machine that is nice and small, that would be suitable for blogging and coding as well as easy to travel with.

Over the weekend I found something that fit the bill and at a price point that was too attractive to turn down.

The specs on the model I picked up are as follows:

My initial impressions are that it is a snappy little device that can function both as a laptop and as a tablet. What I can really appreciate is as a developer this allows another level of testing and debugging software and web apps.

The Lenovo Yoga 2 is an older model in the Yoga series of hardware, but performs daily computing tasks with ease. This is by no means a gaming machine. It may work well with simple games that don’t require a ton of video memory however when I tested Counter-Strike Global Offensive, it ran sluggish at best. Even with all the settings brought down to low.

However if you’re a blogger and a programmer such as myself, this is a great compact little blogging and coding machine which is exactly what I bought it for. The hard drive is big enough for storing all my projects and photos as well as some extra space for other things down the line.

So far I am happy with my purchase, but time will tell if this machine will stay with me for any length of time.