Nothing But Disappointment

3 Feb

I wrote a post about how excited I was for Blackberry 10. Well I now have to retract what I said, because after watching their “Global Launch” and reading / watching reviews, I am more than disappointed.<br><br>

RIM hasn’t changed at all! They are the exact same company churning out products for the corporate world and completely ignoring the consumer sector.

Couple the above with launching yet ANOTHER platform that still has little to no developer support or confidence. Novody wants to put their blood sweat and tears into an application for a couple thousand users. They want the potential for millions of users, and Blackberry 10 doesn’t have those numbers.

What RIM fails to understand is that he masses are consumers. Not puffed up corporate types! Do you think that some geriatric executive’s nephew or son is interested in the new device their “work” supplied them with?

I’m sorry, but Research in Motion / Blackberry is dead to me now.