Pebble Time Round and Best Buy

9 Feb

A colleague and I were looking at all the various wearables that were on sale at Best Buy this week when something caught my eye. The Pebble Time round was on sale!

If you saw my wish list for Christmas this year, you’ll know that I’ve been waiting for one of these since their announcement, and now I could have one on sale?!?! Sign me up! My colleague was interested in picking up a Microsoft Band 2 as well since they were also on sale.

We headed out over lunch to pick up our new wearables and fortunately for me the store close to where we work had stock of the Pebble Time Round. My colleague on the other hand was not so lucky 🙁 They had zero stock of the Microsoft Band 2 in a medium size and large was far too big for him.

Now here’s my biggest problem with Best Buy during the week. They’re not busy so they don’t keep a lot of staff on during the day. My colleague and I showed up with the intention to buy and actually ran into more resistance trying to buy something than browsing the store.

We had to ask for someone to come and open the display case to retrieve the products we wanted to buy three different times with five to ten minutes in between each request. They kept telling us someone would be right over and nobody came.

Finally a member of the Geek Squad happened to walk by us and ask if we needed something. We told him we did, and eventually he got someone over to us that had the keys to open the case.

Once I had my Pebble Time Round in hand, I paid and left. Easy peasy!

Really happy with it so far but I am curious to see how the battery ends up working out for me. At present it’s sitting at 80% which is where it was when I took it off the charger this morning, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m really loving the R2D2 watch face I have though so totally worth it!