June 10, 2022

Prepping the Trailer

Prepping the Trailer

So with the purchase of our new trailer, I started reading through as many articles as I could find to learn about just how much I don't know about owning a trailer.

After looking over quite a few articles there were a few common denominators across all of them.

1) Sewer Hose Support - This is important because it keeps the hose on an angle to prevent blockages and backups when it comes to the sewage system in your trailer.

2) Clear Right Angle for Sewer Hose - Again another important item that allows you some insight as to how your sewer hose is draining and to see any blockages that could happen.

3) Sabilizer / Leveling Jacks - These are important for the stability of your trailer. Your trailer will have a couple of legs to stand on, but with the leveling jacks, it helps with keeping the trailer level and stabilize the trailer for movement.

4) BPA Free Fresh Water Hose - Any water you use inside the trailer will come across the hose, so it's best to have a high quality fresh water hose.

5) Water Pressure Regulator Valve - This is important to regulate the flow of water through your trailer. From what I've read, it's common for water hook ups to have varying levels of pressure and can sometimes damage your trailer if the pressure is too high. This valve allows you to control the water pressure entering your trailers water systems.

There were several other recommended items such as linens, cleaning items, and other necessities, however those we're prepared for. The items above are for things I had no clue about.

I plan to post a lot more as we set up our trailer for our first camping season ever! Stay Tuned!