Pure Pwnage Trip Part 2: Planning

7 Jan

I’ve spent the last couple of days planning my trip to Toronto for the Pure Pwnage screening and looking around at Hotels. After speaking with the social media team at the group responsible for Holiday Inn hotels, I soon realized I was on my own to find reasonably priced accommodations in downtown Toronto.

The Pure Pwnage Hotel Search

I looked around on a few different third party providers such as Expedia, Travelocity and tried naming my price with Priceline. When all else failed, a suggestion from a friend to try out Hotwire piqued my interest.

Hotwire Rates Pure Pwnage Screening

I finally found a room in downtown Toronto in a boutique hotel for $60 a night! I couldn’t resist and booked straight away.

The hotel I’ve been booked at is the Be SixFifty Hotel at 650 Bay Street. It looks to be a great location and a nice hotel but what worries me is that almost all of the negative reviews show that the rooms are quite tiny.

That being said, I am traveling by myself and room size really doesn’t matter much assuming that the washroom and be are useable. I will be sure to post photos and thoughts on the hotel once I’ve stayed a night.

I’m happy with the price I’ll be paying to stay, but I may soon regret booking this hotel. I’m hoping that the public parking lot beside the hotel is going to have room for me to park, otherwise it could prove difficult finding a place to house my car while I sleep.

Aside from that, the next couple of weeks can’t move fast enough! I’m super excited to see a lot of friends that I haven’t seen in almost 6 years!