Pure Pwnage Trip Part 3: Transport

20 Jan

I was originally planning on making the 4 hour drive to Toronto all by my lonesome however with the cost of gas and overnight parking in a lot that I can’t even be sure there will be parking, I opted to take a greyhound bus.

The reasons for opting to take the bus?

  • $96 Bus Fare for a return trip.
  • I don’t have to pay attention to the road and can do other things.
  • Don’t have to pay $20-$25 per day to store my car somewhere.
  • The bus lets me off 2 minutes from my hotel.

Considering all of the above factors, I went with Greyhound. Free Wi-Fi and power on the bus. Perfect! I can get some browsing done or maybe even some sleep! The only downside is the additional hour it will take to get to Toronto but hey! No problem at all. I should be arriving in Toronto around 4:30 PM which should allow enough time for a catnap before heading out to meet everyone and party Friday night!

4 Replies to “Pure Pwnage Trip Part 3: Transport

  1. I did the same from Cincinnati, Ohio to Detroit, MI to meet up with IW4 and the crew for exactly the same reasons. Round trip was $80, so all in all not bad.

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