Pure Pwnage Trip Part 4: A Letter

26 Jan

Friends at The Madison

My Fellow Pure Pwnage Fans:

This past weekend in Toronto was an absolute blast, and I feel like I need to do some sharing before going back to adulting.

Getting to see everyone that I haven’t had the chance to see since long before I became a father was an amazing experience that was only surpassed by meeting a lot of people who I’ve only ever spoken to over the internet. I was absolutely blown away by how many people came out from near and far to not only see the movie, but to just spend time with a huge group of friends….. Even thinking about the weekend it seems silly to use the word friends as we’ve been as close as a family for so many years now.

Just because we don’t see each other IRL very often does not mean that you couldn’t contact any one of us for anything. We are one huge family who have known each other for almost 10 years and those kinds of friends don’t come along every day.

I’d especially like to thank Isaac Wilson (IW4) for organizing our friends to the south and getting everyone that wanted to come to the show, to the show. You’ve shown extraordinary compassion, leadership and friendship from as long as I’ve known you and it is truly an honor to count you among my friends.

To Geoff Lapaire, Jarett Cale, Mark Single, Miranda Plant, and the rest of the Pure Pwnage cast and crew: You guys killed it! Even after all these years, your hard work and dedication have once again translated to one of the funniest and most incredible movie experiences I’ve ever had the good fortune of witnessing.

I’m not sure how it is you all manage to stay so humble and grounded, but your fans certainly do appreciate it! I’ve heard nothing but good things about how good you are with your fan base, and for that we are all truly thankful! Keep on kicking ass!

This weekend was a total blast with all kinds of amazing people and as we all go back to adulting I think we’re all going to be thinking about the next time we all get together and have an incredible weekend together again.

A really good friend started out the night with this quote and that’s what I’ll leave you with:

There are good ships and wood ships, and ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, may they always be!

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