Switching from Bell to Rogers

29 Dec

Rogers-box-logoToday Rogers is coming to install a new internet service package that I ordered and you’re probably wondering why it is that I am making this change.

Well it all started with wanting to upgrade our service. I was finding that the 25 megabit service I ordered from Bell was getting worse and worse and was not quite fast enough for our needs.

I decided to hop on to the Bell chat and see if I could get us up to a faster speed.

Earlier in the day a technician had to come out and service our line as there was a “grounding issue” on it. While he was working on our line I asked him what our attainable speeds were and he informed me we can easily obtain 50 megabits download and 30 megabits upload. Perfect! I should be able to upgrade.

I hopped on to the Bell online chat and asked the rep to look into it for me. The rep then tells me the only way that I can get my fibre upgraded is by ordering FibeTV. They said they would install a second line to the house and pair bond the lines. When I told them I didn’t need a pair bond, the rep replied telling me this was the only way I was getting my speed upgraded.

OK.. I figured maybe it was one misinformed rep and went on to ask three different reps about an upgrade. All three told me the same thing. If I wanted to upgrade, I would have to order FibeTV.

Easy decision. I called Rogers and after speaking with a sales rep for about five minutes, I had an installation scheduled and a package that offered 175 megabits download and 15 megabits upload which is fantastic and is actually costing us less monthly than our service with Bell.

The installation is scheduled for today and I will speed test the crap out of the line!