Dear America: Fix this Shit!

22 Feb

Dear America:

Your country has been under a microscope for a long time. People look to you to be a global leader in social and economic issues and yet not a day goes by that the whole world doesn’t wonder why the hell you haven’t done anything to get your gun laws in line!

I’m getting really tired of reading about people who can simply walk into a store (or a BANK!) get a gun and proceed to shoot people without so much as a god damn drivers license.

I hate that because of your gun control laws six people are now dead for absolutely no fucking reason!

Do you as a country not see what a massive problem this is? This event just goes to show that someone on a whim in your country can pick up a gun and travel to several different locations, and shoot / kill several innocent people!

Is this not enough for you to say to yourselves: “Ok maybe we should make gun ownership a bit more difficult and restricted so that some psycho can’t just walk in, buy a gun, and fucking kill people!”

Events such as these bring nothing but hurt and sadness to your own people and yet you still have the audacity to quote your constitutional right to bear arms?!?! Maybe it’s time that right is modified to allow you to bear arms in the face of a tyrannical government or something more specific because you as a country are like  Ralphie in “A Christmas Story” people keep telling you that you’re going to shoot your eye out and you keep telling people “Fuck that, I still want my guns”.

Gun control needs to exist for the same reason speed limits exist. Because without them, nobody can hold you accountable for being a twat with your Car(s) / Gun(s).

Fix it America. Fix it as soon as humanly possible before more lives are wasted by senseless gun crazy ass holes.

This rant was inspired by the following Huffington Post article.


1.4 Billion Would Change Me

12 Jan

I often think about what ludicrous things I would do if I struck it rich. Be it the lottery, or striking oil in my back yard or some wealthy relative that I had no idea about kicks the bucket and leaves me their entire fortune (it could happen!).

This week there will be a Powerball Lottery drawing in the US that is expected to reach 1.4 billion dollars with a B, so I started to think about what I would do with that kind of money.

Take Care of Family

The very first thing I would do is wipe out the debt of any family members who may be carrying any. This includes paying for their houses, cars, credit cards and the like. I would make sure they each have a healthy bank account with 5-10 million to live off of.

Funds Used: $50 Million

Build a Custom Home

I would design and build a custom home which would include a data center to host my business in.

It would also include a pool and a lot of space for the kids to run around in.

I would build a full on movie theatre that would seat 10-20 people.

I would design a kitchen with all stainless steel appliances and with tons of cupboard space.

I would hire a full time cleaner that would simply keep the house neat and tidy.

Funds Used: $50 Million give or take.

Do Some Traveling

There are many places that Jenn and I would love to visit and experience, so we would spend quite a bit of time and money traveling.

Places we’d like to visit:

  • England
  • Ireland
  • France
  • China
  • Japan
  • Every single US state
  • Every single Canadian Province

There are likely a lot more places we’d like to check out, but this would be a good start.

Funds Used: 5-10 Million

Do Some Investing

Personally I’d like to invest some money in riskier companies that banks and investment firms wouldn’t take a second look at. Preferably started by young people.

Funds Used: $40-50 Million

Help Some People Out

I’d like to meet with the city and province and determine how much money it would take to take care of each and every homeless person in this province. Clearly I can’t help the whole country, but I would like to do what I can for the homeless here at home.

I’d also like to fund some wishes for the Make a Wish foundation.

Funds Used: $100-$200 Million (Maybe more?)

Plan for the Future

With the rest of the money I would simply invest it for the future of our family, and to continue to do the things I’ve listed above in the long term. I would hire on a financial advisor to help with that.

I think that about covers what I would do with an insane amount of money. I’d make sure that my family, and the people in my province are cared for by someone.

Total Spent Immediately

$360 Million! This leaves over a billion dollars left to continue to keep my family and my province cared for.