Review: Hudson Valley Host Servers

25 Jul

The Server

The dedicated server I purchased from Hudson Valley Host has the following specs:

The specs were great and the price cannot be beat.

The Support

I’ve opened several tickets both for sales questions as well as technical questions and all of them are generally answered within the hour. If I can get a hold of @Ernie on skype, they get answered instantly.

I’ve always been happy with their support.

The Network

My server was provisioned with 10TB on a gigabit port. Here’s the normal freevps benchmark:

I know Colo Crossings network gets a bad reputation but this server is in the Choopa data centre which has always seemed to do well for me and latency to Canada is ideal.

The Hardware

My only gripe would be the speed of the 1TB drive in this machine. The IO tops out at 71.2 MB/s or so but still totally useable.


Super happy with my budget dedicated server, and actually purchased another about 60 days into having the first. Always happy to wok with @Ernie and he’s always willing to work out deals if you just have a chat with him.

In conclusion I’m a happy camper.