Thoughts on the Original Surface Book

1 Jun

I’ve been very fortunate in my life.

Working in the industry that I work in, I get a lot of opportunities to learn about and experiment with new technology all the time. That being said, the original Microsoft Surface Book is not “New Tech” so to speak. It’s “New to Me Tech” that I feel lucky to get to play around with.

Originally released in November of 2016, the Microsoft Surface Book was a hardware marvel. Merging the worlds of tablets and full fat PC experiences, it did both jobs pretty well and still does today.

I am blown away by the keyboard especially. I love the way the keys feel. I love how it feels to type on this device. Every key stroke has a very satisfying sound, and when you type as fast as I do it sounds like something straight out of a hacker movie.

When you pair the typing experience with the fact that you can also use the the Microsoft Surface Pen with this device, it really comes in useful in sooooo many situations. Taking notes in meetings, drawing up diagrams of new network setups, or even just letting my kids doodle on it for fun.

I’m really enjoying using this Surface Book at work and at home, and the only real gripe I have is that the storage is rather small and not very friendly for a user to replace on their own. You essentially risk destroying the entire PC if you try and upgrade the storage in it. My suggestion would be for you to pick up an SD card and make a habit of storing non-critical files on the SD card.

Just my thoughts on this so far. This may change in the future as I use it more and more.