Super Disappointed in OnePlus

15 May

When OnePlus first came to the mobile phone market they were the “flagship killers” offering a mobile device with top end specs for a rock bottom price.

Over the years they have remodeled and redefined what a budget phone could be and started a change in the market. They had a great device, a great platform, and a reasonable price to get all of the above in a nice little package, so why am I disappointed?

Yesterday OnePlus released their newest device the OnePlus 7 Pro. This device is the same as all previous generation OnePlus devices. It has new design language, a couple new features, and all the latest specs you could ask for. The price? $1000 CAD.

OnePlus has now become one of the “big guys” that they were working to defeat with their pricing and platform. Now there is literally nothing differentiating them from Samsung, Apple, Google, etc. It’s a $1000 phone from a company in China with no local RMA support.

Thanks OnePlus, but I’ll take a hard pass on this one.

Motorola Moto X Play

24 Sep

moto-x-play-blackThe Moto X Play is this years new Motorola Moto X device at least here in Canada. It has impressive specs, expandable storage, and the latest flavor of Android.

All that being said, my personal experience with the Moto X Play has been rather frustrating.

The Purchase

I headed over to my local Telus store and bought my new Motorola Moto X Play outright and raced to get home and play with it.

The Return

All was well for the first few days before I bothered to put a MicroSD card in it to expand the storage. This is where the problem began and persists.

The first device I purchased had a non-functioning MicroSD card reader. I promptly exchanged it for another new device which when tested, was working as expected.

Testing MicroSD Cards

Now for anyone who knows me knows that I swap my sim into multiple devices that I like to use from time to time. This is when I noticed that anytime the SD card had to be read by the device, it would tell me that the card was corrupted and needed to be formatted.

In order to eliminate any doubt around the quality of my MicroSD card, I made sure to try the same thing with multiple different brands and sizes of memory cards. Same issue with each and every card.

The Discovery

I determined that the issue with the Moto X Play memory card reader is that if the card is not perfectly in the little tray, the reader decides that the card is corrupt. The fact that the SD card is on the back side of the SIM tray makes the method of installing a MicroSD card properly nearly impossible. Why not just have a slot on the side Motorola? Why attach it to the sim tray in a way that doesn’t even ensure the card is in place properly and leaves enough wiggle room for the card to move around in the phone once inserted.

I really like the Motorola Moto X, but have lost enough photos and videos from my memory cards to give up on it. Going to stick with my OnePlus Two until that hot new Android powered Blackberry slider comes out.