A Wireless Experiment: $20 All Inclusive Wireless

22 Sep

I recently became aware of a service known as Hushed by sheer luck and have been absolutely blown away by the possibilities this app enables.

Hushed is toted as an app that allows you to get a disposable number in a large list of countries to use as a burner number. Good idea right? The product is simple, elegant and works well. But here’s what the company I don’t think realises.

If you select a Canadian or US number, an unlimited plan becomes available which offers unlimited Calling, Texting and MMS anywhere in North America for $4.99 per month! Here’s where it gets really good.

Fido has a promotional data plan right now which offers 3GB of data for $15 per month (in Ontario not sure of other provinces). Do you see where I’m going with this yet?

Here’s what I did:

  • Visited a Fido store and purchased a Data Only SIM card (The sims used for tablets.) at $10 and set up the $15 data plan mentioned above.
  • Signed up for Hushed through the Android app (Also available on iOS) and selected a number.
  • Purchased the unlimited plan from Hushed.

That’s it! I can now call, text and use data all for $20 a month. The overage costs on this $15 data plan is $10 a GB which is perfect. This means I can even do 5GB of data and unlimited calling for about $40 a month.

Hushed also includes visual voicemail, and calling options such as call display and call forwarding.

The app also lets you have multiple numbers. So for instance if you run a small business, you could simply request another number for it.

I you want to try it out for yourself, you can sign up and try a number out for 3 days. Also don’t worry about loosing your number! You can open a support ticket and have your number ported in as well should you decide to stick with the service.

Get Hushed: iOS | Android

Giving Blackberry Another Try (Day 1)

27 Feb

Growing up the Blackberry platform was the best smartphone platform for its time. I had almost every single model of the Blackberry that I could get my hands on starting from the RIM950 and ending with the Blackberry Z10.

I was one of the first people in line to buy the Blackberry Z10 and was super excited until I got my Z10 home, updated, and charged.

After half of a day on standby, the Z10 notification light was blinking indicating that the battery needed charging. I found this hard to believe but charged it back up to full and continued my day. Around 4PM that same day, the light was blinking again and so I returned the Z10 after being told there was nothing wrong with it, and never looked back.

Here I am in 2015 still wanting Blackberry / RIM to succeed and as a result am giving Blackberry another fair shake. So far I’ve set everything up to my liking and side-loaded the android apps I use daily.

Today is Day 1.

Nothing But Disappointment

3 Feb

I wrote a post about how excited I was for Blackberry 10. Well I now have to retract what I said, because after watching their “Global Launch” and reading / watching reviews, I am more than disappointed.<br><br>

RIM hasn’t changed at all! They are the exact same company churning out products for the corporate world and completely ignoring the consumer sector.

Couple the above with launching yet ANOTHER platform that still has little to no developer support or confidence. Novody wants to put their blood sweat and tears into an application for a couple thousand users. They want the potential for millions of users, and Blackberry 10 doesn’t have those numbers.

What RIM fails to understand is that he masses are consumers. Not puffed up corporate types! Do you think that some geriatric executive’s nephew or son is interested in the new device their “work” supplied them with?

I’m sorry, but Research in Motion / Blackberry is dead to me now.

Blackberry 10 Launch

3 Feb

This week marks the launch of the new Blackberry 10 device. Needless to say I am excited to check it out, however I have my reservations about the new device.

Research in Motion is a company that once held my heart for producing a device that you could actually do more than simply email on. Then the magic dissipated and I became increasingly disappointed with their mobile device offerings. They continuously spit out the exact same devices with a minor spec bump and called them new products.

As you can see from the above I am torn between loving the idea of a new Research in Motion device but I am also paranoid that they are simply going to come out with something less than desirable and I will be sad all over again.

I hope for RIM’s sake that they manage to pull an awesome new trick out of their hat and completely WOW me!

I suppose we will know in a few days time.