The Final Kick in the Nuts

20 Jan

A good friend I’ve known for quite some time shared this CBC article on Facebook and I could not believe my eyes! Not only have the big 3 raised wireless prices all at once now they’re getting ready to raise prices across the board for each and every service offering?

Serious Bull

The article features commentary from a representative from Telus who goes on to say that the weak Canadian dollar is to blame for this price increase.

That’s a really funny thing for Telus to say, because when the Canadian dollar was on par with the US we didn’t hear of any price breaks because of how strong our dollar was did we? So why are we now seeing increases in pricing?


The reason is simple. The sinking Canadian dollar gives the carriers a free pass to up pricing and blame other sources for the increase. A sinking dollar means network components cost more? Why is that being passed on to the consumer? Is that not a cost of doing business? Do you not get massive tax incentives and subsidies to offset some of those costs?

When three companies control the market, it makes price increases super simple. Make a quick phone call to the other two guys and let them know what’s happening and then simply raise prices.

What’s even better is if you are running into new costs of running your business, you can always raise them again.

Where are they going to go? A “competitor”? Let them. This just means Bells network upgrades are paid for instead of Rogers.

As I mentioned in my post about the wireless industry in Canada when real competition comes along, all 3 carriers run out to the news outlets and scream unfair and try to turn Canadians against real competition.

Did you know that Rogers Wireless holds more spectrum in Canada than Verizon does in the entire United States?

Rogers Customer Count: 8.24 Million as of Q32015

Verzion Customer Count: 110 Million as of Q32015

So Rogers is 10 times smaller than Verzion so why do they need all the spectrum? Because if competitors got their hands on it, Rogers and the other two carriers may actually have to compete!

Fed Up

The Competition Bureau has an obligation to the Canadian public to ensure that this country is not getting bent over a table by businesses in this country.

According to their web site:

The Competition Bureau, as an independent law enforcement agency, ensures that Canadian businesses and consumers prosper in a competitive and innovative marketplace.

Headed by the Commissioner of Competition, the Bureau is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Competition Act, the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act (except as it relates to food), the Textile Labelling Act and the Precious Metals Marking Act.

The basic operating assumption of the Competition Bureau is that competition is good for both business and consumers.

The very first item in their list of anti-competitive activities that are investigated is price fixing. So why is it that these companies are getting away with this garbage? Why has the competition bureau not stepped in? I wish I had the answer!

I’m sick and tired of these companies completely emptying our wallets day in and day out to the benefit of their shareholders.

Communications are a necessity in this world, and we should not be punished for it! These companies need to understand that just because consumers pay it, it doesn’t mean they’re happy. It means they have a need and with 3 carriers controlling the entire market, they can’t make a choice that will help this situation.

Do Something

The best we can do at this point in time is have everyone hop on Wind Mobile, but even with them being purchased by Shaw, their pricing will likely get insane too. The only reason they’re cheaper at the moment is because their network can’t reach into buildings anywhere near as well as the big 3 and the big 3 know it.

As soon as devices are ready to use 700mhz spectrum, we will see a bit more panic with the big 3 but for right now, they’re going to get as much money in their coffers as they can before any kind of revolution comes.


Only Compete When Forced

13 Jan

So as a follow up to my post about the state of the wireless industry in Canada, I thought I would share my experience as a Koodo customer in Ontario.

My Koodo Rate Plan

As you can see from the image above, my rate plan includes the following:

  • Unlimited Canada Wide Calling
  • 3GB of Data
  • Call DIsplay / Voicemail
  • Unlimited Messaging (Picture / Text)
  • Data Overage Rate of $20 per GB

This plan was on sale for $69 back around Black Friday. This plan is now $75 per month.

I’ve seen various ads on Kijiji and the like that offer to get you a $48 plan on several different carriers that includes much more for much less. Here’s what the $48 plan will get you in Manitoba and Saskatchewan:

  • Unlimited Canada Wide Calling
  • 5GB of Data
  • Call Display and Voice Mail
  • Unlimited Messaging (Picture / Text)
  • Data Overage Rate of $10 / GB

Not only are the rate plans lower, but so are the overage charges.

When I approached Koodo about this plan on Twitter, I was told that this plan is only for residents of Manitoba and Saskatchewan because they actually have to compete with Sasktel in those provinces.

Koodo Twitter DM

In other words the only reason rates are so jacked up in other provinces, is because there isn’t a Sasktel forcing them to compete. So they rob everyone else blind unless they actually have to be a real business and compete for your money.

These companies know that the OWN the market in Ontario and other provinces so they don’t do jack for customers because they know damn well no matter which carrier you defect to, you will be paying the same thing for the same services.

This is something our country needs to look at seriously and do something about. We need a real competitor. We need to get rid of these fake competitors and get something real going on in our wireless market!

The Problem with Wireless in Canada

12 Jan

There’s a massive problem with wireless costs here in Canada that our government and even our carriers refuse to acknowledge.

The carriers won’t mention it, because it benefits them massively.

The government doesn’t notice because apparently they don’t read enough about it in the media.

This week I noticed a shining example that makes me sick to my stomach! Every single time one of these happens, I can do nothing more than laugh at how deluded our government and the CRTC are with respect to Wireless Competition in Canada.

Mobile Syrup

This is by far my favorite blog when it comes to technology in Canada and what it means for Canadians. They cover just about everything including the wireless industry.

Here’s two posts that were made the same day on about two “entirely different” carriers, however the ACTIONS are exactly the same.

Bell Raises Prices on their Share Plans by $5


Rogers Raises Prices on their Share Plans by $5Rogers_Raises_Prices_Jan_11_2016


How do they get away with it?

I have absolutely no idea how or why the CRTC doesn’t recognize that this is absolutely blatant price fixing arranged by the three national carriers. They do it the exact same day by the exact same amount even?!?!

They know that our government and the CRTC are absolutely powerless to do anything about it aside from foster and favor new competition.

Back in 2008 when Wind Mobile had spectrum set aside for them in a CRTC auction, the big three complained about it being unfair and that there was already “enough competition in Canada”.

The Wireless Landscape in Ontario

Here’s a list of the wireless carriers here in Ontario:

  • Rogers Wireless
  • Bell Canada
  • Telus
  • Wind Mobile
  • Mobilicity

MVNOs (Virtual Network Operators)

  • Koodo (Telus Owned)
  • Public Mobile (Telus Owned)
  • Virgin Mobile (Bell Owned)
  • Chatr Wireless (Rogers Owned)
  • Solo Mobile (Bell Owned)
  • Fido Mobile (Rogers Owned)

So lets see we have 4 national carriers Rogers, Bell, Telus, and Wind.

Wind is still fairly young and still requires time for their network to mature (and the big 3 know it!).

Now in order to get more people to join up and raise ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) they need to create some kind of competition right? So that people of Canada are under the impression that there are more than just three people to go with.

So we have 6 flanker brands who all operate on the big 3 networks, but who claim to be competing brands.

Koodo, Public Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Chatr Wireless, Solo Mobile and Fido Mobile. These companies are all flanker brands used to simulate competition and to confuse common Canadians who only look surface deep at their carrier.

One of the benefits of being Bell, Telus or Rogers, is that along with your wireless business, you also own a majority of the media in Canada. So here’s what happens when the big 3 catch wind of an rumor that someone such as Verizon may enter Canada. They launch a campaign in the media about what’s “fair” for Canadians. I don’t know about the rest of you but I certainly don’t see my wireless bill as being fair. It’s fair to their shareholders that’s for sure!

The End of the Day

At the end of the day this country needs to smarten up and open their eyes as to what is actually going on in this country. There are not enough people who understand that this country’s wireless service and media are controlled by three companies who work together to keep rates higher than most other countries in the world!

I had to write this post because every single time I read about a price change in Canada, it seems within two days, the other two carriers are doing the same damn thing, and yet the CRTC who is supposed to be protecting us, does absolutely nothing to stop these practices that have now been common for years!

Come on CRTC! Fix this nonsense!


Hot off the heels of Rogers and Bell raising prices, here comes Telus with more collusion! defines collusion as:

a secret agreement, especially for fraudulent or treacherous purposes; conspiracy:

Isn’t this illegal in Canada?!?!?! Our government created the CRTC to prevent things like this from happening did they not? Really getting tired of being bent over a table every month! FIX IT!

Wireless Competition in Canada

27 Aug

This post has been a long time in the works as I’ve gown continually frustrated with the rediculous cost of owning a smartphone these days. I wanted to put it all in one place and show just how sad competition is in the wireless market in Canada (more specifically Ontario).

Now bear in mind that in all provinces there is likely a smaller carrier that I’ve not listed that forces the big guys to compete, however here’s what happens in a province where Rogers, Bell and Telus are not forced to compete.

The Premise

I decided on the specs of a plan I wanted, and priced them out as best as I could at several carriers.

The Plan

  • Unlimited local calling
  • Unlimited texting / mms
  • 6GB of Data
  • Call Display, Voicemail

Carriers I priced:

  • Bell
  • Telus
  • Rogers
  • Fido (Owned by Rogers)
  • Virgin (Owned by Bell)
  • Koodo (Owned by Telus)

The Pricing


As you can see from Bells pricing, my plan would cost me $120 per month for a single device.



As you can see from Telus’ pricing, the same plan would cost me the same amount at Telus. $120 per month for a single device.



As you can see from Rogers’ pricing, the same plan would again cost me the same amount at Rogers. $120 per month for a single device.



Fidos pricing is a little different. I get the same plan but 1GB less in terms of data for $105 per month for a single device.



Virgin does not have a 6GB option and this is the closest to what they have. $110 per month with 2GB less data.



This is likely why Koodo is killing it these days. This plan has 1GB less data than my desired plan, however all of the other features are the same. $90 per month for a single device. Their pricing actually reflects the loss of 1GB of data where as Virgins price is actually HIGHER for giving up 2GB of data.

The Real Kicker

Here’s the only company even trying to compete.

Wind Mobile


Sure you loose 1GB of data, but they even have a promo going on right now that sees their $45 plan drop down $6 per month for a limited time.

Now you with a straight face sit and tell me that there is real wireless competition in Canada. The only company I see trying to compete to win the business of Canadians is Wind Mobile.

This has been a load off of my chest and hopefully a learning experience for the rest of Canadians who think they are getting “Value” from any of these companies.