Twitter Extending Character Count

7 Jan

The last few days I’ve been reading articles about how Twitter is mulling around the idea of removing the character limit on a tweet or drastically increasing it. Personally I think this is a bad idea and may do more damage to the Twitter brand than help.

Twitter’s entire identity is as a micro blogging service. Granted originally the character limit was imposed because of technological restrictions limiting the number of characters in an SMS message to 160.

As time has gone on at Twitter, users have become much more creative in how they tweet and do whatever they can to make it short and sweet and to the point. If / When Twitter decides to get rid of the limit, we will start seeing blog like posts from every brand and person on twitter gumming up what used to be a nice feed of quick little snippet posts.

If I wanted to read a persons blog, I would read their blog. If I want to read the short and sweet version, I follow them on Twitter.

The limit makes Twitter what it is and removing that limit opens us up to the same spam we see on Facebook pages all around the world.

Twitter removing their character limit turns it into a less interesting version of Tumblr. In fact Tumblr is more feature rich than Twitter and allows for a lot more personalization. So if Twitter is going to jump off the deep end and become another Tumblr, then why not just pack up and move in with Tumblr?

Just my opinion.