Why are people pissed about Peeple?

2 Oct

peeplelogoI’ve seen this app show up in my Facebook and Twitter feed numerous times in the last few days and wanted to find out why people have been brandishing pitchforks and petitioning to have it removed from the app stores before it has even been released, so I decided to do some looking around.

The number one issue I see people complaining about is that the app will allow people to leave anonymous reviews of a persons character which would leave them open to being bullied. This argument is relatively weak considering there is absolutely nothing stopping me from creating a fake profile on Facebook and doing the exact same thing! Where’s the petition to have Facebook shut down and removed from all the app stores in which is resides?

To me this app makes absolute sense and I think will be a fantastic tool for people when used properly, and much like any other app on the internet there will be methods of having false comments, and harassing content removed. So why is everyone so worried?

I personally can’t wait to try out this app. I think it will be a great way to get to know people and find out about their character.

Here’s a perfect scenario. You are eyeing something on craigslist and after exchanging contact information, you decide to meet up. You can have a look at this persons name or number on the Peeple app and see just what kind of person you are meeting with. This may very well save you from a precarious meet up and prevent something bad from happening.

I love the idea that profiles can be made on someone else’s behalf because then if someone else has dealt with a sketchy person on Craigslist, they can alert you to scammers, or thieves or any other of the lowlife types that mess with people on Craigslist.

I think this app will bring a level of honesty to the people you see day to day, and the people you don’t even know. I’m all for it.

Power to the Peeple.