WordPress “Designers”

17 Sep

wordpress-logo-simplified-rgbThere’s something I’ve really been getting sick of lately and that is WordPress “Designers” who say that something can’t be done when in fact it can be done and is quite simple.

Quite a few of these so called designers are simply people who take an existing wordpress theme, and use the Customizer to make it look the way their client wants. They do not actually go through the motions of designing a WordPress theme.

I had a client ask me about making the thumbnails on her archives page square and not distorting the images by resizing them to 180 x 180. This is fairly simple to do however their “designer” told them it was not possible. So for that “designer”, I’ve provided a code sample as to how I did it.

printf( '<div style="height:180px; width:180px;background:url('.$image.');background-size:cover;"></div>', get_permalink(), $image, the_title_attribute( 'echo=0' ) );

This creates a div using the post image as the background image and makes the div 180 x 180. Using the background-size cover means the image will be draped over the div and not constrained to it. The result is exactly what the client asked for and took about 10 minutes to perfect.

So if you’re a “designer” you may want to learn how HTML and CSS work so that you can actually help your customers and not just take their money.