is Almost Certainly a Scam

6 Feb

If you’re in the crypto space and on TikTok regularly, you may have seen these posts with coupon codes offering free Bitcoin simply for signing up.

As you can see in the TikTok below it shows someone entering a promo code into and then being rewarded 0.28 BTC which is roughly $8500 CAD. Now ask yourself does this sound too goog to be true? That’s because it is!

I went ahead and signed up so you don’t have to. See below for more.

@crypto.girl.hi 3BQNPPBL8D #onlinebusiness #onlinecome #cryptonews #btc #nft ♬ Close Eyes – Slowed + Reverb – DVRST

I created an account, and claimed several of the promo codes.

As you can see from my wallet, I have almost $70K in bitcoin from these promo codes. Now I should be able to withdraw these funds right? Wrong! In order to “Verify” my account, I am required to provide a deposit of nearly $500 in bitcoin. Nothing could possibly go wrong sending $500 in untraceable funds to a new web site that popped up on TikTok today right?

This led me to have a deeper look at this service and domain name.

The domain was registered on February 4th of 2023, yet their web site says they have been in business since 2018?


This domain is registered and owned by someone with a Russian email address and a New Jersey address for a company that claims to be based in Australia. Enough red flags for you?

This is almost certainly a SCAM and you should keep your money away from at all costs. There’s no way any legitimate crypto exchange is giving away $70K to a new user just for depositing $500.

Stay safe out there you guys! There’s scammers everywhere!

This is What 37 Looks Like

6 Apr

April 3rd 2022 was my 37th birthday and I celebrated with my family not only being a year older, but also a year wiser.

Life has been interesting since the start of the pandemic to today. A lot of things have changed, but more importantly, I am starting to reach some of my adult goals.

Mentally I’ve established a few goals for myself that I have never put on paper or written them down anywhere. I figured with my birthday having just passed, I should write them down and see how far I’ve come in life. There’s a few I’ve managed to cross off the list, and others that are still in the works, so here we go:

  • Fall in love and get married.
  • Have a couple of kids and raise them with my wife.
  • Get into a career that I am happy with.
  • Make some money and help people.
  • $100K in savings before 40.
  • 100 Pounds lost this year.
  • Quit Smoking for Good.
  • Form better eating habits.

There are a few items above that are still a work in progess however overall, I am quite happy with how far I’ve come!

Let’s Not Hope, Let’s Do.

7 Jan

Well it’s 2022 and from what I’ve seen people posting, and writing about is how they hope this year is different.

I have a much more different view of things. I don’t want to hope for a better future, I want to work towards one. All over the internet I see people posting about how they hope 2022 will be better than 2021 and how they hope things will change. I would much prefer that we all work together to make things better for eachother and it starts with action.

How about instead of being shitty to one another, we use kindness and compassion to understand what these people are going through? How about we try to help one another rather than throw eachother under the bus? How about we listen to eachother instead of trying to condemn one another for an opposing viewpoint? How about we help lift one another into a better space than put each other down?

I think if we work together as a massive global team, we can improve things regardless of the ongoing pandemic and lift eachother into better spirits, better positions, and better lives overall. Why can’t we do this? Why can’t this happen?

Instead of hoping for a better future, let’s work together and kick 2022 in the ass!

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Has Come to Ottawa!

26 Dec

This past weekend my brother caught wind of a new pizza place in Ottawa that offers true Chicago style deep dish pizza. The name of this establishment is Made in Chicago Pizza.

The shops owner Mohamad Lotf immigrated to Canada in 1992 and opened various pizza shops throughout his time in Canada and although his shops were successful, Mohamad always felt as though the Ottawa area pizza shops were missing a unique quality that sets them apart from one another. Enter Made in Chicago Pizza. Mohamads unique Chicago Deep Dish pizza restaurant.

Made in Chicago Pizza has had a pheonemenal reception here in Ottawa, and Mohamad could not be more pleased with how the community has received them.

First let’s talk about the sauce. Made in Chicago Pizza has some of the best tasting pizza sauce I have ever experienced in Ottawa and abroad! It’s nice and tangy with just the right amount of sweetness to it, that keeps your mouth happy bite after delicious bite! Our particular order was a very simple large bacon and pepperoni pizza. The images below do not do this pizza justice!

Made in Chicago deep dish pizza is the real deal. A large pizza had the weight of a small baby! The look is deceiving. There is a ton of cheese, sauce, and toppings jammed into this little delightful pizza box.

Keeping in mind that this was the soft launch of their business and I don’t think they could have anticipated just how many people in Ottawa wanted an authentic Chicago style deep dish pizza to slam into their faces, but Ottawa responded with a massive amount of business in one day. They had orders piled up but somehow still managed to get all the pizzas out with a very acceptable wait time.

This pizza is prepared with care, and offers a tremendous value even over traditional pizza places here in Ottawa. A large bacon and pepperoni pizza is going to run you $33.00 + taxes, but believe me it’s worth every penny and you certainly get your moneys worth.

Made in Chicago Pizza offers an incredible product, a fair price, and the service was fantastic! If you’ve had Chicago style deep dish pizza, this is a great spot. If you haven’t had Chicago style deep dish pizza, you definitely need to check out Made in Chicago Pizza. You won’t regret it!

For More Information you can visit them online or in person at 1481B Innes Road Ottawa, ON K1B1C5.