Epic Seven: One of My Favorite Gacha Games

18 Jun

Epic Seven is a game that falls into the Gacha genre. Essentially it’s a role playing game that is free-to-play with a ton of incentives to spend real money. That being said, spending real money is not necessary to enjoy playing this game.

Epic Seven offers a ton of excellent content, great graphics, and some amazing heroes you get to collect and battle against one another. In the beggining you’re given a couple of key heroes that are all part and parcel of the excellent storyline and lore of Epic Seven.

The fun of the game is progressing through the three or four chapters of content to level, improve, and upgrade your heroes and their equipment. I’ve only managed to reach mid-game so far, however I would imagine that once your heroes reach their full potential, you can then delve into PVP content where you can battle other players.

If you’re looking for a game that’s just a fun overall time suck, Epic Seven is one of the best out there. Whether you spend money or not.

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